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Technology that Puts the Focus Back on the Driver

By CCE Admin, November 22, 2013

by Ogi Redzic, VP Connected Driving at HERE, a Nokia business

Technology is rapidly transforming vehicles to provide more than just transportation, creating new realities for manufacturers and drivers. Customers expect vehicles today to do more than move people and things around; they demand that vehicles integrate with connected devices at the same level of innovation they see in their personal devices.

At HERE, we are putting the focus back on the driver with a new generation of location products that help people make sense of the world around them and solve the problems that drivers face every day.

By delivering the right map at the right time – giving drivers the information they need in the moment and minimize driver distractions – we can keep drivers safer and assure them that the maps are always up to date.

HERE services stay with drivers around the world, inside and outside of the vehicle, from the moment they plan their trip to the last mile.  Over time, these services learn a driver’s commute and preferences and can deliver more personal services and recommendations by anticipating driver needs.

As opposed to usual navigation systems that drivers only use to get somewhere new, HERE is useful every day. We analyze real-time traffic information for more accurate travel time estimations and drivers can get recommendations on places to eat, help finding parking and information on where to charge your electric vehicle or find the most inexpensive fuel.

HERE is supporting the auto industry in creating connected vehicle solutions and our legacy and broad customer base give us deep insight into the automotive industry needs. We offer cutting edge technology that is truly integrated into the in-vehicle environment but rather than off the shelf, one size fits all products, we help automotive partners build solutions that meet the needs of their vehicles. We customize our offering to match the needs of different cars and customers. That is why we are in 80% of cars with in-dash navigation systems on the road today.

Autonomous Driving is one of the potential evolutions of the connected vehicle and automakers face challenges when creating systems that make trusted decisions on driving strategies also in complex scenarios, taking into account both the surrounding environment, the dynamic context and driving behavior.

For automated driving to become a reality we believe all three need to be well understood. Firstly, you need a map that goes beyond what is currently available – a High Precision Map – a map with an unprecedented precision and accuracy of for example road attributes, curvature and lane width. Engineers at HERE are currently exploring this space and innovate in collaboration with automakers.

The second key component for automated driving solutions is the ability to make sense of not only the information of the driving environment in and around the vehicle, but extend the horizon to include information from vehicles in the surrounding area. To gather, analyze and create real-time information based on these data points requires vast Cloud Capabilities with big data processing power.

Thirdly, we are researching and Modeling Human Behavior to better understand how people drive and behave in various driving conditions. Weather, road conditions or road characteristics all impact the chosen speed, lane choices and breaking points of human drivers. The more we understand about these relationships the better we can help automakers simulate a personal, relevant and human driving experience.

In this emerging environment HERE is helping automakers connecting the vehicle to the cloud and we will leverage our mobility heritage to enable the next generation of smarter, safer and more enjoyable driving experiences.