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Steve Millstein, Aeris

Not a single connected car existed on the road until Millstein founded the first company to drive the idea into reality.  Thereafter, he led ATX Group from 1996 until its acquisition in 2008, as well as home security operations of Westar, growing it from concept to the nation’s third largest home security company.  Millstein has also served in several posts with Southwestern Bell and AT&T.  He is currently responsible for Aeris’ automotive practice and serves as Managing Director.


Peter Marx, City of Los Angeles

As the city’s first Chief Innovation Technology Officer, Marx oversees the implementation of new tools and technologies across city government to better solve problems for residents and make City Hall work more effectively and efficiently.  He has partnered with L.A.’s growing tech industry to deploy innovative technology and promote local job creation.  Previously, Peter served as the VP of Business Development at Qualcomm Labs, Inc.


Brian Cooley, CNET

Brian Cooley is CNET’s editor-at-large and has been with the company since 1995 when he launched CNET Radio, later leading CNET into coverage of automotive technology.  He is also CNET’s senior media commentator and hosts CNET’s in-store video programming seen in Costco, Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club ‘s stores.  His constant mission is to offer a clear, understandable perspective of the consumer electronics world and digital living.


Mike VanNieuwkuyk, J.D. Power & Assoc.

Mike VanNieuwkuyk is Executive Director for Global Automotive at J.D. Power & Associates.  VanNieuwkuyk leads the company’s focus on automotive technologies, providing research and consultative services on new vehicle offerings in connectivity, infotainment, safety and fuels.  Mike also assists OEMs and automotive suppliers in development of new products and services.


Mary Ann de Lares Norris, Oblong Industries

Currently the COO of Oblong Industries, Mary Ann previously served as the head of Oblong’s European division, COO of a Parisian interactive television company, Director of Strategic Planning at Mattel, Executive Producer at Sony Electronic Publishing, and Producer at The Voyager Company.


Ted Cardenas, Pioneer

In his role as VP of Car Electronics, Ted Cardenas is responsible for overall brand strategy, sales initiatives, promotional activities and advertising for his division. Cardenas focuses on the  goals of educating consumers about Pioneer’s in-vehicle entertainment, navi and connectivity solutions, while building excitement and demand that direct them to its retailers.


John Waraniak, SEMA

Mr. Waraniak serves as VP of Vehicle Technology at the Specialty Equipment Market Association, where he helps leading automotive aftermarket companies understand the latest, as well as emerging vehicle tech challenges, develop solutions and capitalize on new business opportunities – whether it’s vehicle dynamics or connected and autonomous driving.


Jay Rogers, Local Motors

John “Jay” Rogers is President, CEO and Co-Founder of Local Motors, a next-generation US-based car company that is changing the way cars are designed, built, and owned.  Local Motors is an open source community that works together to design and develop exciting, efficient vehicles and builds them locally in a sustainable manner with customer participation.


Kyle Vogt, Cruise Automation

Vogt is the founder and CEO of Cruise Automation, a company building aftermarket highway autopilot systems.  Before that he was a co-founder at, Socialcam (acquired by Autodesk), and Twitch (acquired by Amazon).  He studied computer science and electrical engineering at MIT.


Ogi Redzic, HERE (Nokia)

As Vice President, Connected Driving, Ogi leads a global organization dedicated to radically improving the 21st century driving experience. As part of his role to deliver new innovations to the connected car, Ogi leads HERE Traffic, HERE Automotive Cloud Services and HERE Auto – embedded and companion Automotive applications.


Jim Christy, The Christy Group, LLC

Jim Christy is a retired special agent that has specialized in cyber crime investigations and digital forensics for over 28 years with the Air Force Office of Special Investigation & Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3).  Jim left the government in 2013 after 42 years of public service and has started his own consulting firm, The Christy Group.


Karl Heimer, Batelle

A seasoned leader in cyber security in military and civilian sectors, Karl Heimer has been working to protect the country from threats for decades – often before the public even knew a threat existed. In 2011 Heimer joined Battelle, a leading science and technology non-profit, to apply his expertise in national security and counter intelligence to the automotive market.  He now leads a team that develops products to prevent, detect and protect vehicles from cyber attacks.


Michelle Boehm, California High-Speed Rail Authority

As So. Cal. Regional Director for the Authority, Michelle oversees all aspects of project development in the region. Boehm brings nearly 20 years of experience in transportation planning, policy analysis and has developed strategy for transportation, water, geotechnical, structural, and environmental engineering and planning practice development and projects.



Mark Platshon, BMW i-Ventures

Senior Advisor with the BMW i-Ventures corporate VC fund, Mark Platshon is also a Partner at Birchmere Ventures and Icebreaker Ventures.  Co-Founder of Amprius, a lithium-ion battery company and an early investor in Tesla, Platshon has been CEO or served on the boards of firms including Synxis (acquired by Sabre), Everdream (acquired by Dell), Idetek (acquired by Idexx), Zing (acquired by Sony) and Ancore (acquired by Rapiscan).


Chris Valasek, IOActive

Director of Security Intelligence at IOActive, Valasek is an industry leader in comprehensive computer security services and specializes in offensive research methodologies with a focus in reverse engineering and exploitation. He is also the Chairman of SummerCon, the nation’s oldest hacker conference.


Peter Schwartz,

An internationally-renowned futurist and business strategist, Peter specializes in scenario planning, working with corporations, governments, and institutions to create alternative perspectives of the future and develop robust strategies for a changing and uncertain world. He currently serves as SVP of Global Government Relations & Strategic Planning for


Neal Boudette, Automotive Correspondent

Neal E. Boudette is Michigan-based business journalist with more than 25 years of experience, including 14 years at the Wall Street Journal.  For the last decade he has covered the global auto industry, following stints covering Silicon Valley, high technology, the rise of the Internet and the dot-com boom and bust.


Phil Abram, General Motors

As Chief Infotainment Officer for General Motors, Phil Abram  is responsible for setting and implementing strategy for brands including Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, GMC, OnStar, Opel, Vauxhaul and Holden. Abram joined GM in January 2012, after serving as President and Chief Operating Officer for Sonos, Inc., a wireless music system for homes.


Jeff Klei, Continental North America

As President of the NAFTA Region for Continental North America, Klei is responsible for customer, governmental and other external relationships.  While in this leading position, Klei retains his role as VP of Sales, General Motors Worldwide.  Jeff was elected Corporate VP, Continental Teves, Inc. in January 2000, and serves as a legal representative for the company.

// Topics

Building a New Business: Restructuring & Revision

The only constant is change in today’s rapidly moving auto industry and this includes business and manufacturing assumptions. New technology and thinking enable us to crowdsource a car’s plans, parts, and production for a truly customized car. They also allow us to restructure telematics business assumptions in order to make connectivity possible for the masses and subscriber-retention issues a thing of the past. Join us for a discussion about the opportunities and struggles that come with challenging the status quo.

Autonomous Car Fallout: What Happens Next?

We all expect the autonomous car to arrive soon—very soon. But are we ready for the changes that autonomous cars will bring? There are effects and arguments spawning from self-driving cars that will ripple into every aspect of modern society. What happens to car ownership, public transportation systems, video chatting while driving, parking lots, elderly drivers, drinking while driving laws, and road maintenance? All good questions but the main one is this: Is the technology coming faster than our preparations for it?

Let's Make a Deal: Selling the Connected Car

If you’ve been to a dealership lately, you know that staying on top of rapidly changing technology is a challenge for even the best salespeople. What’s it like to sell or service a connected vehicle? How do OEM technology decisions impact the dealer-consumer relationship? What can dealers tell us about consumer pain points when it comes to connected technology? Discover just what the dealer thinks about the connected car and how technology helps or hinders sales.

Fortifying a City: The Dangers Hackers Present

Cities today cannot operate without connectivity, which makes them especially tempting targets for cybercrime and cyberterrorism. We cannot be complacent about protecting our efficient, always-present connectivity as the world becomes more and more reliant upon it. Learn what is being done to secure our network defenses against misuse, and how experts set traps and track down those who might take advantage of our increasing digital dependence.

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